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making bomb

task: create a video with a mini dv camera that is then edited in adobe premiere video editing software.

solution: filmed a short 5 minute video with sound. it's all about a bomb that is found on campus, but really it is a monty python spoof with people doing crazy things.

yeah, that's me throwing the bomb at the end. my big video premiere (so dark you can hardly see me).

note: this clip (1mb) is a short commentary clip from the original movie with voice over commentary.

fleeing the bomb

this was a very silly project, but a fun one. there were 4 people in my project group and the night of filming one of the group was out sick.

i had to film and also play the part of the missing person, which at times was difficult because we had the camera on a tripod and i kept having to go back and pause it.

that gave us a ton more footage that we had to edit in adobe premiere down to the essential scenes. kinda hectic, but we got the job done.