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family news...............

a new photo gallery. there will be more...58 pics so far. the images from 2009 gallery is setup, but does not have images yet.

i am very happy to report that i have purchased, from the proceeds of my freelance business, gushindesigns, a brand new 13" macbook pro 2.53mhz 4GB 320HD laptop! this machine smokes! i wanted the little 13" so it would be easy to carry around, which i love.

i have a blog called aloneontheweb.com that was supposed to be about my journey after being laid off in july, 2008 from my corporate job in web design. i was planning to chronicle what happens with my freelance web design business gushindesigns.com and my other money making internet projects such as eBay and internet marketing.

well, i'm happy to say that there have been some changes in that plan. back in december of 2008 i started a new job at the university of texas at dallas (ut dallas) in the web services department as a web specialist.

it was a position i happened to come across on one of my favorite sites to troll for jobs and all sorts of other things to sell, buy, barter and trade, craigslist.org. it's going to be a really good experience for me and the benefits are really good. i will still be able to continue some of my freelance work as well, so aloneontheweb.com will still continue to chronicle that work.

the guten/antebi/rahmani family?...............

rooty jr...............

ruthie at cottonwood park in richardson, tx she has also committed herself to a life-changing path to better eating and we have joined a gym, 24 hour fitness, here in town. ruthie has been better about getting up and going to the gym at 5:30 am than i have.

we are both working on a web site to distribute essential oils that will have a database search and down the road it will also be capable of using her database on the web. you can peek at the beginning of the site here at www.e-scentiallyyours.com time, as always is the big factor here. there has not been a ton of that available to work on this project, but we are determined to get it off the ground.

the gush...............

i have been enjoying being married and being a part of my great family with rooty jr. and the boys, elden, midlin and youngin (see the names page). of course, our two doggies, allie and tasha are also a large part of our lives and we enjoy them both.

gushin and rooty jr in waco for mother's day, 2008 this is my own web design company, gushindesigns. it has all of my online portfolio and is a site for me to point prospective customers to for the work i do. it has recently been totally redone in may, 2008.


yoshi finished taking a class studying to be an emergency medical technician (emt) and recently kicked it up a notch and just finished the follow up course for paramedic training.

he moved to college station, tx to live with his brother david in our new house there. he just got a part-time position doing emergency work for special events at a&m university.

the boys just adopted 2 dogs there yesterday and we don't even know the names yet. more to come about that.

yoshi (josh) was in israel for 14 months since april of 2006. he toured the country, visited the many relatives we have there and just plain had a great time for a few months before he got down to business. yoshi on patrol somewhere in the west bank in an israeli settlementthe business was his joining the israeli defense forces (idf). he has such great timing too. he started his training in a camp just 10-15 miles from the lebanese border right about the time hezbollah decided to kidnap those idf soldiers and the missles started raining down nearby that first week.

this is a photo of yoshi...i think it was taken with his cell phone.


david is in his last year at a & m university in college station, texas! he is a physics major and is very excited about being out of the house and on his own. he just moved into our college station house with josh and a roommate named katie.

david with his girlfriend amy we have been down to a & m many times with him and it is a terrific university so i think it will be a very good experience for david. in march, 2007 he went on a trip to argentina with hillel, where he helped out disadvantaged kids.btw...amy went to argentina too. actually, they just went together to israel on a trip called the "birthright" trip where they got to see a lot of the country on tours. quite the world travelers, these two are.


jon on july 4th, 2008 with our dogs allie and tasha our youngest, at 16, was at richardson high school last year. he was accepted into a program at richland college here called the richland colliegate high school. he had to apply for this on his own and it will allow him to take college courses with regular college students and get high schol credits at the same time. and it is fully paid, tuition, books, laptop computer and all.

currently, he is trying to get us to take him driving more so he can get more experience so he can qualify for a real license to drive and not just the learner's permit he currently has.

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